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Apple Update Email System at Mavericks

Monday, November 11th, 2013 | Apple

After officially launching its newest operating systemOS X Mavericks , Apple apparently was not satisfied with the new features presented . They are now updating the Mail feature to set the incoming message , especially from a Gmail account .

In short, the update aims to improve the accuracy of unread incoming messages . Cnet site on Friday, November 8, 2013 , mentions the update can be done starting yesterday .

Mail Mavericks with this new system can be used in the Mavericks are embedded in the device through an update of the old operating system . Such features can be directly accessed through the main menu on the Mavericks .

Mavericks become somewhat special operating system for Mac devices . Therefore , this is the first time the U.S. technology giant ‘s offer for free updates . So far, Apple is known as a provider of first class product with a paid update system .

Despite offering convenience , Apple reminds users before updating your device’s operating system to the Mavericks . Users are advised to back up all applications and files using Time Machine tool . Another way is to make use of the cloning tool .

Users are also required to ensure applications are downloaded from third party already has an update on the Mavericks . Therefore , such applications often can only be accessed through a particular operating system . If the application does not have the latest updates , then maybe the system will classify them as spam applications .

It is also valid in the new version of Mail feature on Mavericks . A number of third-party software that is connected to the system will be detected as spam .

Mail immediately after the update is installed , this feature will automatically update the inbox and bring greeting “Welcome to Mail ” . Furthermore , users can use the feature to send a message .

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